川口佳子と記号派 KAWAGUCHI Yoshiko

 「青と暮し 描き続けて、」

記号派 川口佳子展




gallery 112(あかぎハイツ)


企画 smokebooks

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川口佳子、1927年 世田谷に生まれる。

現在 92歳。

学生時代を大連にて過ごし 終戦を機に 日本に戻り

女子美術大学にて 美術を学ぶ。

1962年 記号派美術協会を 窪田知矩(くぼたとものり)らと創立する。





私たちは 2019年はじめ、川口夫妻より 蔵書整理の依頼を受け 八千代市のご自宅に うかがいました。

ご自宅の居間で ソファに腰かけた 十分に歳を重ねたお二人の後ろには 力強い構図と色で 私たちに迫ってくる とても 大きな画が飾られていました。

私たちに にこにこと やわらかい表情で なんどもお茶をすすめてくださった おばあさまが 佳子さん。

そんな彼女こそ 青の抽象画の作者でした。

さらに 絵に 魅了され興味を持った 私たちは


全貌を見たいと憑かれる思いが 湧いてくるのがわかりました。

強さと静けさを併せ持つ 抽象画の青の世界。

この膨大な絵を 私たちは 見なかったことには できませんでした。

今回 あかぎハイツの協力のもと 〈gallery 112〉にて 川口佳子さんの画の魅力を ご紹介いたします。

激動の時代、約70年にわたり 青の抽象画と向かい合い 描きつづけてきた 彼女の絵に触れていただき、絵の保管、保護、新たな価値のために ご協力を頂けましたら 幸いです。


今回の展示は 作家のご家族の許可を得て

smokebooksが 編集・展示・販売を行います。

作家ご本人は 在廊はいたしません。



smokebooks 北澤孝裕 北澤友子



サテライト会場:smokebooks 清澄白河店


Open 水曜~日曜 12:00-18:00




“Living with Blue, Painting on” Yoshiko Kawaguchi KIGO-HA, art exhibition at 〈gallery 112〉

“Living with Blue, Painting on”

Yoshiko Kawaguchi KIGO-HA, art exhibition

April 16th Tue. 2019 to April 30th Tue. 2019


Gallery 112 (AKAGI HEIGHTS)

Akagi Heights112, 1-21-1 Minoridai, Matsudo City

Curated by smokebooks

Information: 047-705-0816 info@smokebooks.net


Artist Profile:

92 year old Yoshiko Kawaguchi was born in Setagaya Tokyo in 1927.

She spent some time in Dalian City in China, and came back to Japan as the war ended.

She studied art at Joshibi University of Art and Design.

In 1962 she founded the Society for KIGO-HA in Art with Tomonori Kubota and others.

While she worked as an art teacher at junior high schools in Adachi-ku Tokyo, she created and presented many abstract paintings with the color blue.


From smokebooks:

We visited Mr. and Mrs. Kawaguchi’s home in Yachiyo City, following their request of sorting their collection of books in early 2019.

In their living room, behind the aged couple sitting on a sofa, there was a large painting that felt forceful with its powerful composition and color.

Mrs. Yoshiko Kawaguchi offered us tea repeatedly that day with her gentle smile. We found out that this kindly old lady was the very same person who created the stark blue abstract painting.


We were fascinated by and interested in her painting, so the couple led us to her studio upstairs, and there we learned that a huge number of her paintings were stored occupying two rooms.

A feeling of need to see the entire picture welled up in us.

Witnessing the world of abstraction and blue with both strength and stillness. After seeing this collection we could not walk away.


Now, with cooperation with AKAGI Heights, we present the fascinating paintings by Yoshiko Kawaguchi at 〈gallery 112〉.

For 70 turbulent years, she was facing and painting the blue abstract paintings.

We would like you to experience her art, and would appreciate if you could corporate with us to preserve, protect and find their new values.


 For this exhibition, with the artist’s family’s permission, smokebooks is editing, exhibiting, and conducting sales.

The artist will not be present at the exhibition.


smokebooks  Takahiro Kitazawa Tomoko Kitazawa


Satelite venue: smokebooks Kiyosumishirakawa

3-9-6 Miyoshi Koto-ku, Tokyo

Open Wednesday to Sunday 12:00-18:00


Translated by Ai Kuwayama









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芸術を記号と考える今世紀の諸潮流を理論的に捉えなおし 美術、音楽、映画、演劇、デザイン、建築等の最前線を記号論的視点から解き明かす。


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